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Make the Sun work for you.
Keep more money inside your business instead of the energy companies. Save up to 100% by installing high quality solar panels designed for businesses.

solar panels for business

Solar Panels For Business

Solar panels and inverters are all unique. Cheap systems won't cut it for a business. 
With a proven ROI, our installers use high quality systems that have extended warranties.
By choosing quality, you're choosing peace of mind.

Slash Your Electricity Costs

Businesses pay HUGE electricity bills. With the cost of energy rising along with the expensive surcharges on your bill, solar has never been a better solution.

solar panels for business


Solar is essential for businesses that have a roof space or land and want to reduce their power bill. With a clear ROI, you'll begin saving money from day 1. With 25 year warranties on panels, you can rest knowing your future is taken care of.

The Australian government also has incentives in place which make it cheaper to install. If you're system is under 100kW, you'll benefit from STC's. If it's over 100kW, you'll be eligible for LGC's.

Our installers have been in business for over 23 years. Unlike many that come and go, we're here for the long run. This means if something should go wrong, our business solar experts will be here to help.

From start to finish, you'll understand why we're one of the most active installers in QLD.

We’ll even tell you if solar isn’t right your business!

Quality first

A commercial business solar system in Brisbane requires commercial experts. The average home installer is unlikely to understand how design a 300kW or a 2 megawatt system. The parts used differ as does the installation. This is why it’s important to trust your install with a commercial solar company that has paid its dues. 

With a focus on large systems, our teams have the experience to get the job done right in a reasonable amount of time for a fair price.

Our commitment to quality means we’ll go above and beyond to ensure you are given the highest quality commercial grade solar panels and inverters. We understand getting solar is a big decision. Trust us to get you the best deal for your next install.

Commercial solar in Brisbane makes business sense

As soon as you see your next bill, you'll wish you installed solar sooner. Depending on how your business operates, you can save up to 80% on your next bill and every bill thereafter.

Our high grade PV panels capture the maximum amount of sunlight and send it to the inverter for your business to use. If your commercial solar panels produce as much as you use, you will remove your daytime energy consumption from your bill straight away. This leaves only the energy you consume at night. If your panels produce more energy than you use, you’ll sell it back to your energy provider. This will give you a credit for when you buy back energy later in the evening.

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