Commercial Solar Panels Are Designed For Large Consumers

With electricity being a major contributor to most businesses, it's no wonder solar panels are everywhere. Whilst you're saving electricity and money, you're also doing your part in reducing the amount of harmful CO2 being released into the atmosphere.

Now, with the most advanced solar technology, you can enjoy the sunny days and make money from them. Commercial Solar Australia only supply the highest quality panels to ensure you get the best value for money. With over 30 years experience in the solar industry, we've seen hundreds of panels come and go. 

Understanding what makes a good panel is what we're good at. 

What Makes Commercial Solar Panels So Great

Solar panels are not designed equal. Some are cheap and inefficient, others are strong and backed by billion dollar companies.

Company Stability

We look for major panel manfacturers that are featured in Bloomberg's Tier 1 list.

Warranty Period

Most panels come with 12 year product warranties and +25 year performance warranties.

Panel Efficiency

A good solar panel should be above 19% efficient. 

Reasonable Price Tag

Commercial solar panels need to be priced fairly to ensure your ROI remains attractive.

Designed For Our Climate

We want panels that can withstand the harsh elements of Australia and still out perform the competition.

Australian Based Support

A company with an office in Australia is easier to contact and hold accountable for warranty faults.

Solar Panels We Love

REC Group

REC is one of the pioneers in solar design. They were the first company to introduce split cell technology. This technology has now become standard across manufacturers.
Founded in Norway in 1996, they've produced over 38 million solar panels and over 10GW of energy.

REC is one of our favourites and for good reason.

rec commercial solar panels


Jinko has been around since 2006 and has since gained a whopping 12.8% market share. With 52GW produced, Jinko is a power house for solar panels.

JinkoSolar has also been named a Bloomberg NEF Tier 1 module manufacturer for eight consecutive years, which is one of the longest runs of any manufacturer.  

commercial solar panels

We install other brands as well but these 2 are our favourite. If you wondering about a brand in particular, simply give us a call or send us a message.

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Making the switch to solar will be one of the best business decisions you make this year. Not only will your out-goings be slashed, you'll also have more money in the bank to reinvest and grow your business.

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Not to be confused with Australia's Clean Energy Council Tier 1 rating, this is based on the financial stability of a company. There are currently 38 companies on Bloomberg's list.
Bloomberg assesses a companies factories, financial statements, and other factors to determine if they're a bankable company. If they outsource manufacturing or design subpar panels, banks will not lend them money. It is in these companies best interests to constantly raise the bar to be attractive in the eyes of lenders. REC is also part of this list.