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Commercial Solar


(Finally Stop Paying For Electricity)


(Finally Stop Paying For Electricity)

Add Another Stream Of Income

Turn your roof or land into a money making machine. Most businesses can slash up to 80% off their power bill with others generating extra revenue from their system. Whether your installing rooftop panels to reduce costs, or building a solar farm, our team are your partners.

Australian Solar Panel Specialists

  • High Quality Tier 1 Panels
  • State Of The Art Solar Inverter
  • 25 Year Perfomance Guarantee
  • Power Optimisers To Avoid Wasting Energy
  • Monitor Your Usage From Your Phone

How Does Solar Work

commercial solar panels

Leave Your Solar Project To The Experts

  • We can quickly install any size system with our team
  • We don't take your money and send a thrid party installer (we employ our own)
  • We'll ensure you feel comfortable trusting us with your project

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Commercial Solar: Australian Installers

We only use top quality gear and tradesmen. Our obsession with quality means you get the best service - resulting in more money saved and made for you.

  • Only CEC Approved Panels
  • Commercial Solar Inverters
  • 25 Year Perfomance Guarantee
  • State Of The Art Software To Avod Wasted Electricity
  • View Your Data From Your Phone

Help Australia Reach Renewable Targets

Under the Paris Agreement, Australia has pledged to increase it’s renewables. Currently, per capita, Australia is the worst for carbon emissions. By installing solar, not only do you save money, you also save the planet.

commercial solar panels

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Solar is essential to businesses that have a roof space or land and want to reduce their power bill. Installing solar on your commercial building will instantly reduce your power bill. 
The Australian government also has incentives in place which make it cheaper to install.

At Commercial Solar Australia, our priority is you. With so many horror stories from the solar industry, we work harder than anyone else to give you the best experience. This includes more than just a fair price. Our team will source the best system for you, communicate clearly our progress, and we’ll be available for any aftercare. 
We’ll even tell you if solar isn’t right your business!

Quality first

A commercial solar system requires commercial experts. The average home installer is unlikely to understand how design a 300kW or a 2 megawatt system. The parts used differ as does the installation. This is why it’s important to trust your install with a commerical solar company that has paid its dues. 

Our committment to quality means we’ll go above and beyond to ensure you are given the highest quality commerical grade solar panels and inverters. We understand getting solar is a big decision. Trust us to get you the best deal for your next install.

Commercial solar makes business sense

Within the first 30 days, you’ll save money. Depending on how your business operates, you can save up to 80% on your next bill and every bill thereafter. We’d love to say 100% but, unfortunately solar does not work as well on a rainy day nor does it work at night time.

Our high grade PV panels capture the maximum amount of sunlight and send it to the inverter for your business to use. If your commerical solar panels produce as much as you use, you will remove your daytime energy consumption from your bill straight away. This leaves only the energy you consume at night. If your panels produce more energy than you use, you’ll sell it back to your energy provider. This will give you a credit for when you buy back energy later in the evening.

Whether you choose to finance it or pay for it outright, the savings are instant. Get in touch with our team today

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